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<p>A new physics-based strategy puzzler, Pop Rocket Rescue! has arrived on the AppStore and Google Play today.</p><p>The aim is to rescue Fizzies, a group of cola-creating (and probably consuming) aliens found throughout the galay.</p><p>It's all about balance, placement and reach across the games' 13 different worlds. You need to build towers using different shapes, all while contending with gravity.</p><p>There are different types of Fizzies, each one with their own power such as sticky 'Gloop' and explosive 'Cherry Boom!'. SO each one needs to be placed to great effect. You can even grow your own soda-sentients along the way.</p><p>You'll also have to defend your towers from incoming meteors, as well as blow apart debris to make more room for further development.</p><p>It's a nice throwback to the early days of smartphone gaming, but with some clever twists which keep it feeling fresh.</p><p>You can scour the Pop Rocket Rescue! solar system for free on both iOS and Android right now.</p>.

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